Saturday, January 30, 2016

Author Signings/Comic Book Related Appearances for 2016

Hi folks,
Here is my signing and comic book appearances for 2016. My poetry reading schedule will be posted soon :)

February 20 ICE- Indie Comic Expo Dayton. OH

February 21 Shelby Con Shelby Township, MI

February 26-27  Great Lakes Comic Con Warren, MI

March 5-6 Fantasticon Lansing, MI

March 12-13 PhobiaFest Troy, MI

March 18-20 C2E2 Chicago, IL

April 2 Pure Michigan Con Detroit, MI

April 16-17 Fantasticon Toledo, OH

April 23 Flint Comix Con Flint, MI

April 29-May 1   Indiana Comic Con Indianapolis, IN

May 8 Geek Mania Columbus, IN

May 13-15 Motorcity Comic Con Novi, MI

May 27-29 Cherry Capital Comic Con Traverse City, MI

June 24-26 Days of the Dead Indianapolis, IN

July 16-17  Downriver Comic Con Lincoln Park, MI

July 30-31 Taylor Town Comic Con Taylor, MI

August 6              Michigan Comic Book Expo 
                                                              Wyandotte, MI

August 12-14 Boston Comic Con Boston, MA

August 27             Capital City Comic Con Lansing, MI

September 2-4      Baltimore Comic Con Baltimore, MD

September 9-11    Cincy Comicon Cincinnati, OH

September 16-18   Cincinnati Comic Expo Cincinnati, OH

October 1               Monroe Comic Con Monroe, MI

October 8-9            Fantasticon Birch Run, MI

October 22-23        Dark History Con Champaign, IL

October 29-30        Spooky Empire Orlando, FL

November 12-13    Fantasticon Mount Clemens, MI

November TBA     Days of the Dead Chicago, IL

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jack of Spades restructuring

     As many of you know, right now is a very exciting time to be part of Source Point Press. The SPP line up has expanded to include Australian hit comic series, Carmen, and the mega-hit all ages monster/steampunk miniseries, Monstrous. Plus, there's a ton of new stuff coming done the pipes that I can't even mention :)
     But Source Point Press isn't going to forget about their original series. Source Point Presents will be relaunched next year as a periodical for fans to keep them in the know about SPP projects. Serial will be relaunched with amazing new artwork. 
    Which brings me to my personal favorite (I'm a little bias), Jack of Spades. JoS will be become a yearly graphic novel. Which is awesome for me because instead of trying to fit a story into 20-24 pages while trying to set up events for the next issue, I can right a longer, self contained story. Also, rather than try to crank out an issue each business quarter, I can focus on making one amazing pulp noir story that will blow fans away. Another thing I think will be great for the character is that it will stay black and white. I wouldn't recommend B&W for every title but I feel that it totally works for a series that pays so much homage to the 1930's and 40's detective genre. We had discussed changing the series to full color but it seemed as though some of the gritty and noir feel was lost when we colorized it. 
     So this weekend I'm trying to rework the scripts for issue #2 and issue #3 to combine them into one 50-60 page graphic. The only problem is the stories have very little to do with each other. So I have the choice of either expanding each issue so that each one is its own graphic novel or convincing the rest of SPP to do two more comic sized issues. 
     After these next two issues we're going to do an awesome story arch that will pay tribute to the old Mummy movies with Boris Karloff and it will be a crossover that introduces Jack of Spades to Osiris from SPP's first anthology, Alter Egos Volume I. I can't wait to show these two characters interacting and as comic book etiquette would have it, there will be the gratuitous battle between the two heroes when they first meet.
     To hold fans over until these news JoS adventures come out we are releasing a trade paperback that will collect issue #0 and #1 as well as the Plasmaster origin story from Source Point Press #1. Plus, there will be a lot of bonus material including pinups from great artists including Rich Perrotta (Scales of Time, Magma-Man), Emily Zelasko (Jinx, Snow, Old Man Dog and the Sea) and Tyler Sowles (Hank Stein, Durontis). 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Me, Chicago and a Horror Con. What else could you ask for?

Hey friends and fiends,
I'll be in the Windy City this weekend for the Days of the Dead horror convention. So stop by the Source Point Press booth and get something signed. Seriously, I'll sign anything. Even if I didn't write it :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Looking for New Retail Partnerships in All Markets!!!

Check out his opportunity from a comic book publisher that I work for! :)

Source Point Press is going through some MAJOR expansion and we are still looking for new retailers to build partnerships with us. As a retail partner we offer:
  • 50% off of cover price
  • Free shipping
  • Free promotional materials
  • No minimum orders
  • Creative team signings in your store
  • With over 30 conventions and events already planned for 2016, Source Point Press will likely be at a publisher's booth in your state's largest comic convention which will bring customers to your store, asking for our products.
  • Plus, we are one of the few publishers that assigns a Territory Sales Manager who will always be there for your business to  ensure you're getting the most from your partnership with Source Point Press.
Please contact our B2B sales department and we'll get you started!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monroe Comic Con 2015

Selling tons of great books, comics and graphic novels at the Source Point Press booth!!

Hanging out with Source Point Press' president (and amazing author in his own right), Travis McIntire. (Okay, it kind of looks like I sneaked back there when he was distracted, but I promise I was meant to be there, lol)

The best part of this con was doing an Indie Comics panel. I've been on a few panels and this was probably my favorite one!

Okay, maybe the really best part was when I got to be David C. Hayes for a few hours. He's one of my favorite authors and I've read practically all his books. I offered to watch his booth at the con while he took a break. Amazingly, everyone mistook me for him (despite there being a picture of him on the banner behind me at his booth). The same thing happened when I offered to watch the Channing Tatum booth, lol.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Website Domains!!!

Hey folks,

To make it easier to find my blog and for easier access to my store that will (eventually) be attached to this blog, I have gained a couple domain names:

and also, since most of my publications include my middle initial...

So when you need an easy way to access this blog just remember my name! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Taylor Town Comic Con this Weekend!

The Source Point Press crew and I will be in Taylor, MI August 15th and 16th for the Taylor Town Comic Con. This convention is put on by the same great mind that produced the Redford Comic Con, John Kalel. The convention will feature a cosplay contest, a "Create Your Own Comic" workshop presented by Source Point Press, the Michigan Comic Collective will be doing a comic book panel plus there will be plenty of other great guests there! So come on out and get your SPP books signed by me, Travis McIntire, Josh Werner, David C. Hayes and Stephen Sharar!